Intelligent Energy Storage Systems (iESS)

Interest in large scale energy storage solutions is growing rapidly all over the world and in Australia. With unreliability of supply and high electricity prices, innovative solutions are needed to take the renewable energy revolution to its next level.


BlueNova’s iESS provides an affordable off-grid solution to Timbila Game Lodge in Namibia

BlueNova’s iESS (intelligent Energy Storage System) is one of the best solutions around – able to intelligently manage and store energy from various inputs, and can bring energy costs down to as low as $0.20 / kW.

The iESS is an efficient, reliable and smart energy storage system – your partner in keeping your mining, agricultural, manufacturing or commercial business in power and under cost. The iESS is the ultimate backup power solution. With peak-shaving and load shifting, the iESS is your partner in a time of instability and low profitability.

Energy management is an international challenge and as technology evolves it is our responsibility to keep up with its functional growth. BlueNova understands the growth in Energy Technologies and the adaption of new technologies to remain compliant and cost-effective. The scalability of the iESS system is crucial and essential for the design, allowing for 250kW to 1MWh solution in a single 6m containerised solution.

Peak Shaving

Save drastically on your costs by optimising your usage – the iESS can be configured to store and discharge power to maximise the efficiency of grid-power use.

Load Shifting

Reduce your costs further by using the iESS to govern your maximal loads to the most efficient time.

The BlueNova® iESS is a Containerised intelligent Energy Storage System, equipped with:

  • One or more PCS battery inverters;
  • a high voltage lithium ion battery pack with a life expectancy rating of at least 20 years under normal operating conditions;
  • a BMS (Battery Management System);
  • a RMaC (Remote Monitoring and Control) which is the EMS (Energy management System);
  • a HVAC to maintain ideal operating temperature;
  • a fire suppression system;
  • an access control system;
  • Station DC system, UPS, emergency stop and
  • internal electrical distribution completed, ready to plug and play into the network.

Multiple of these containers can be installed in parallel to provide increased power and energy levels.

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