Twice the Storage
Half the Weight

Our Lithium Battery Products or LiFeYPO4 batteries now offer more than 5000 cycles at more than 80% DoD.

You can now acquire a battery that charges and discharges daily for more than 10 years without replacement.

How to choose the right product

Mobile Power Series

  • Perfect size for your boat, camper, RV & 4×4

  • Water & dust resistant (IP65)

  • Super lightweight

  • Drop-in replacement for deep-cycle lead acid batteries

  • ​Ultra safe

Rac Power

  • Efficiently power your grid connected or off-grid home

  • ​Reliable, Scalable, Smart ​
    ​Ideal for industrial &

  • Telecoms Applications

  • Perfect backup power for your data center or factory

iESS Industrial Power

  • MW sized batteries

  • Emergency power source

  • ​Freedom to run off-the-grid

Why do People Choose BushPower

1. Customer Service

2. Technological Support

3. Competitive Warranties

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