Simple • Effective • Reliable

Includes online advice & operational tips


  • > Rugged reliability
  • > 3 to 5 stage intelligent charging
  • Fully automatic functionality
  • > Rugged 2mm brushed aluminium
  • > Simple to use
  • > Fuel efficient
  • > Light weight

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Introducing the '12/50A Charger'

The Bush Power 12/50A charger has been designed & tested in Australia for Australian applications & conditions. Rugged reliability with simple user functionality was foremost in our design & usage priorities.

In selecting a Bush Power charger you will most likely recognise that the combination of THREE (3) reliable components is the most efficient & reliable solution to maintaining power for extended periods in the bush. These are CHARGER, BATTERIES & GENERATOR. We believe you will make the right choice by choosing a 'Bush Power 12/50A Charger'.

Compared to many configurations of high powered generators (2KVA+) that are not fuel efficient & are bulky & noisy, or complex combinations of solar power with complex electronic systems that are expensive & not simplistic to maintain or test, the combination of three reliable components have repeatedly proved to be the most cost effective, reliable & simplistic solution. These are:

  1. 1. A minimum of two good quality 100Amp hour + sealed
    lead acid STORAGE batteries.

  2. 2. A reliable low power four stroke Generator
    such as the Honda Model No EU10i or
    EU20i to purely provide AC power to the charger.
  3. 3. A reliable “Bush Power” 12/50A charger.